Will my Dymag wheels fitted to my current bike fit my new bike with new spacers?

All of our wheels are manufactured to specific applications to fit that make, model, and year of bike, it is unlikely that fitments will be interchangeable.


What sprockets fit Dymag wheels?

All Dymag wheels are supplied with a unique sprocket fitment; except for single sided swinging arm rear wheel applications were the OME sprocket will be retained and used. You can purchase additional sprockets or spares through us directly or through your distributor.


What colours are available?

Matt black, gloss black, gloss white, gold, other colours are available subject to a surcharge and we recommend using RAL numbers to pick your colour.


What warranty do I get with my new Dymag wheels?

One full year from receipt of purchase of all labour, parts, and manufacture.


Can my wheels be refurbished?

Yes, we offer a full refurbishment service for all our wheels; please contact us for more information and for a custom quote (See wheel refurbishment terms below)


Can I straighten my Dymag wheels?

No, we do not recommend straightening wheels because this can lead to work hardening of the material therefore affecting the fatigue life of the wheel


Can I modify my Dymag wheels or hubs?

No, any alterations or machining of the hubs or wheels can affect the quality or safety of your Dymag product. We do not recommend any major modifications by anyone other than our trained manufacturing team.


Can I get spares or replacement parts for my Dymag wheels?

Yes! Small spares are listed on our website and are also available through your Dymag distributor, however larger repair jobs are required to be carried out by the CSA Performance Wheels team and are classed as a "refurbishment" (see refurbishment section below, or refurbishment product listing here)


Can I buy Dymag car wheels?

No, there are no future plans at this time to bring back the Dymag car wheel range, however we can still refurbish or service these wheels see here


I have a modified bike that differs from the OEM specifications; can I still use Dymag wheels?

Yes! Drop us an email at and we can go over your specifications to make a custom wheel for your bike.


Carbon Wheels

Are Dymag Carbon Fibre wheels safe to use on the road?

YES! All our wheels are tested to international wheel standards JWL, DOTand BS AU 50 for both race and road


What is the difference between Aluminium, Magnesium, and Carbon wheels?

Aluminium wheels are the most popular, cheap, and easy to manufacture of the bunch, however their durability to weight ratio is low meaning that in order to create a durable aluminium wheel you will be have to use more material, thus making it heavy. The benefits of buying aftermarket aluminium wheels to replace OEM wheels are to have a small increase in bike performance but would mainly be for aesthetic benefits.

Magnesium is a much lighter material than aluminium but has poor fatigue and corrosion properties and even when the wheel is perfectly cast this can mean that wheels can last a very short time especially when racing. Upgrading to magnesium wheels from OEM would give a noticeable increase in bike performance.

Carbon fibre is a much stronger material than aluminium and much lighter than magnesium and also carries active safety benefits because of the improved handling it can achieve. Upgrading to carbon fibre wheels over OEM wheels would give a large increase in performance, improved cornering, and killer looks.


How long do Dymag carbon wheels last?

Carbon fibre is a fatigue-free material which means that over time it does not degrade in strength meaning that it should out last alternative materials by a large margin.


How do you manufacture Dymag Carbon Wheels?

We use a press moulded technique which is carried out by hand by the same people who started it all in the 70's. This involves applying the resin to the carbon fibre in a mould and then applying heat and pressure to create the wheel shape. This process has been used since the invention of composite materials and as our carbon wheels are made to order we love to keep this tried and tested technique going and it gives our wheels a unique edge.


How much lighter are Dymag carbon wheels over O.E.M wheels?

This is variable, but as much as 40%! Here is an example table of an O.E.M wheel compared to our wheel range;

Yamaha 2011 R1 front wheel

Listed in order of weight

1) Standard O.E.M wheel= 4.2kg moi 61000kg/mm2

2) SB5= 3.7kg moi 49744kg/mm2

3) Old '7' spoke aluminium (lightened spec) = 3.67kg moi 51000kg/mm2

4) TT3=3.6KG moi 48500kg/mm2

5) New '7' spoke aluminium = 3.15kg moi 42669kg/mm2

6) New '5' spoke custom carbon =3.0kg moi 35335kg/mm2 (still under development)

7) Marchesini '7' spoke = 2.65kg moi 34000kg/mm2

8) New '7' spoke magnesium=2.65kg moi 33500kg/mm2

9) '5' spoke carbon= 2.6kg moi 31000kg/mm2


Why are Carbon Fibre wheels so much more expensive?

A: This is simple, the more you pay with wheels the more you get. Carbon fibre is an expensive material and shaping these into wheels is not an easy craft, but to get real performance improvements from your bike that you can actually feel, and get an edge over the competition carbon fibre is the way to go. Just see the weight and moment on inertia chart above to see the benefits on the track not to mention the durability improvements, the wheels speak for themselves.


Refurbishment FAQ and Terms

  • All refurbishment of Dymag products MUST be carried out by our manufacturing team to ensure quality, safety, and consistency of the work being undertaken and to provide a 6 month warranty on the workmanship carried out.
  • CSA Performance wheels quote prices for refurbishment work on a job by job basis depending on the scale of the work needed. Photographs of the wheel and wheel damage are required to prepare this quote and advise on required refurbishment. CSA Performance Wheels reserve the right to refuse or halt any refurbishment if the final product would not achieve a JWL, DOT and BS AU 50 standard.
  • All wheels trusted to us for refurbishment will have a chemical paint strip, sandblast, and then a full crack check as standard to ensure the safety and quality of the product.
  • Minor spare parts can be purchased through our web store; however CSA Performance Wheels hold no responsibility for any work undertaken by individuals who are not current members of the CSA Performance Wheels team.
  • CSA Performance Wheels reserve the right to withhold parts and spares to any consumer if they believe they are going to be used in a way which will affect the quality and safety of the product originally supplied.
  • CSA Performance Wheels offer a refurbish service for all Dymag car wheels, however these wheels are no longer in production and there is currently no plan to restart production on these products so refurbishment of these wheels is only possible on a case by case basis.